To view and purchase from our inventory–Select eCommerce from the Menu.

Our eCommerce site offers several new benefits for our customers.

✔ Multiple shipping partners and rate options displayed at checkout for the customer to select from.

✔ Ability to offer/send gift certificates and have balance stored within eCommerce site for use.

✔ Better user interface and navigations; including menu drop-downs by category

✔ Better search functionality (Make, model, UPC, etc.).

✔ Well organized format and layout.

✔ Ability for customers to pre-order built to order firearms.

✔ Our eCommerce site is available 24/7 to view our inventory and make purchases.

Checkout our new eCommerce site!

Wolfe Arms is a Federal Firearms Licensee. Dealer in firearms (handguns, shotguns, rifles) and an SOT dealer in Suppressors/Silencers, Short-barreled shotguns and Short-barreled rifles.
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